World Of Tanks Download Mac

World Of Tanks Download Mac
World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer action game, in which you can create a team and plunge into an unyielding world set in the middle of World War II. It’s an exciting game that puts WWII tanks at your command.
This game has more than six hundred mid-twentieth century tanks. This means that you can lead legendary tanks such as the Sherman, Tiger, T-34, or Churchill. Not only that, but there are also loads of maps where you can put your expertise to the test commanding these war machines.
Thanks to the system of upgrades in World of Tanks, you can try loads of different types of tanks and weapons during the game. There are five different vehicle classes: light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers, and self-propelled guns. All of this adds a tremendous amount of depth to the game experience.
Each type of tank and weapon has a specific use, and works best with a specific strategy in armed combat. With this in mind, it's important to find human allies that work well with your playing style.
World of Tanks (WoT) is an excellent multiplayer game with great graphics and truly fun gameplay. Overall, it’s a great Mac game with a vast community of users from all over the world.

World of Tanks for Mac OS 1.0.16 can be downloaded from our website for free. The actual developer of this free software for Mac is BigWorld Technology. The most popular version of World of Tanks for Mac OS is 1.0. World of Tanks for Mac OS lies within Games, more precisely Action. CodeWeavers, with support from Wargaming, have developed a software solution that allows Mac OS X users to join the army of World of Tanks fans. In order to do this you need to: Download Codeweavers Mac Wrapper. Launch the downloaded file. Move World of Tanks icons to the ‘Applications’ folder. Installing World of Tanks on Mac OS X There is a fairly simple video on this here: 1, You need an Intel Mac 2, Get Wineskins from here. Download SteelSeries World of Tanks Gaming Mouse Driver/Utility 3.4.3 for Mac OS (Keyboard & Mouse).

Tank Commanders!

CodeWeavers, with support from Wargaming, developed a software solution that allows Mac OS X users to join army of World of Tanks fans.

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In order to do this you need to:

World Of Tanks Download For The Mac

  1. Download Codeweavers Mac Wrapper.
  2. Launch the downloaded file.
  3. Move World of Tanks icons to ‘Applications’ folder
  4. After installation, please start launcher which will download and install the World of Tanks client.

The product's functioning may not be optimized for some Mac hardware configurations and/or some Mac graphic cards. It is very important to get your feedback. Please share your opinions with us in this forum thread.

Note: Tickets created regarding the software solution from CodeWeavers cannot be handled by Technical Support.

World Of Tanks Download Size

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