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So, who was the greatest pirate ever? Hook? Morgan? Silver? Solo? If seeking the answer to this question is high on your list of priorities, then Tropico 2: Pirate Cove could well be the game for you.

First though, we have a much more pertinent question to answer, and that is, will Tropico 2 improve on Tropico? The original game, as anyone who played it will know, suffered from a multitude of problems that ultimately led to us giving it a review score that was hardly the stuff of legend. Chief among its failings was its utter inability to settle on any one particular gameplay goal; the resulting mix of empire building, political intrigue and economy management left the player at best confused and at worst bored stupid.

The good news is that Tropico 2 seems to offer a lot more in the way of defined gameplay. As a sort of hedonistic cross between Sim City, Zeus: Master Of Olympus and, er.. some pirate-type stuff, the entire game is based on establishing a hearty pirate empire.

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Pillage And Plunder

What's new in Tropico 2 Patch 1.2: The patch fixes some bugs and adds or improves features as listed below. It also changes the version number that appears on the main screen to 1.2. Crash Bug Fixes: Fixed crash bugs with animations at game start. This means new saves made with the. Tropico 2 free download - Tropico 2 Beta demo, Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Open Beta, Tropico, and many more programs. Tropico 2: Pirate Cove is a video game published in 2003 on Windows by Gathering of Developers, Inc. It's a strategy and simulation game, set in a managerial, real-time, city building / construction simulation and sea pirates / caribbean themes, and was also released on Mac.

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There’s only one way to succeed in Tropico 2 and that is by stealing, killing, lying and cheating. The entire Caribbean is your oyster in your quest to search out new gold and boldly go where no 'privateer’ has gone before.Pirates are a fickle bunch though, and to get them doing what they do best, they have to be happy. Your charismatic anti-heroes must be kept amused with brothels, grog shops, gambling dens, eateries and more before they even think about setting sail in search of wealth and adventure.

But it's not just pirates you have to think about when it comes to sustaining the efficiency of your secret bandits paradise. To keep the place running smoothly you must find captives to do the monkey work, such as picking corn from fields and chopping lumber. Pirates can also go on missions to find specialist artisans such as gunsmiths, bakers and ahem, quality whores. (Well, you ask any brigand, you can't just pluck a wench out of thin air, their talents are honed after years of practice.) Thus if you can find a skilled French courtesan, your pirates' happiness will go off the scale.

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Deep Ocean

Playing through the game also reveals a surprising amount of depth. Pirates can actually gain levels as the years progress, so if you treat your cutthroats with the respect they deserve, you'll find they gain in expenence, and consequently start bringing back more loot.

While Tropico 2 is unlikely to receive any awards for originality, it’s certainly shaping up to be a highly addictive game. The forbidden glamour of the outlaw life is captured expertly, and the manifold opportunities to be ruthless and immoral should please the most wanton of marauders. You should be hoisting your Jolly Roger by April.