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  3. Download terasology mac, terasology mac, terasology mac download free. Action & Adventures. Terasology is a game inspired by Minecraft.

Getting started

Are you a new user? Have a look at our Getting Started, FAQ, and Tutorials pages on our wiki.
Otherwise, feel free to look at the changelog.

We recommend downloading the latest stable release from GitHub or better yet use our launcher, also available on GitHub. Game releases; Launcher releases. Download Java for OS X directly from Oracle. Get the latest version If an app or webpage you want to use asks you to install Java software, you can download the current version of Java for OS X directly from Oracle's website.

You may also want to look at some games. Games provide basic game play for the engine to run using Lua scripts. Different games have different objectives, such as survival, building or Player vs Player. Usually Minetest comes with Minetest Game, to supply the default items and blocks. You can then add mods on top of a game in order to customize your experience further.


Works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. May work on older versions, but not officially supported.

Stuck? See help on getting Minetest on Windows.

You can also get the latest development version of Minetest from builds made by community members. These builds are more recent than the officially released builds and contain new features (at the cost of stability).


Android 4.0 or later is recommended. Kinemaster download mac.

Alternatively, install from F-Droid .

Note: We advise not to use unofficial builds commonly found on the Play Store. They may contain excessive advertisements or spyware, or be distributed under proprietary terms.



Those may be out of date at times. If they are too out of date, you can build from source.

DownloadTerasology Download Mac
  • Flatpak (all distributions) - Stable
  • Snap (all distributions) - Stable
  • Debian - Stable
  • Ubuntu - Stable
  • Ubuntu / Linux Mint (PPA) - Stable, Unstable
  • Fedora - Stable
  • openSUSE - Stable
  • Mageia - Stable
  • Arch Linux - Stable, Unstable
  • Gentoo - Stable
  • Void Linux - Stable


Terasology Wiki

Package manager

On FreeBSD 9.1 and newer, you can use the official pre-built packages: pkg install minetest minetest_game

Compile using ports

You can compile Minetest and choose build options easily using the FreeBSD port dialogs.

Terasology Download Mac Download


macOS 10.10 or later is recommended.

Terasology Mods

  • Use Homebrew to get the stable version:
    brew install minetest

Terasology Play

Source code

Games Like Terasology

Get the latest stable or development source code from GitHub.
You will probably want Minetest Game as well. Put the game in your games directory.

See README.md for details on how to compile Minetest from source.

Terasology is a game inspired by Minecraft. Despite the fact that it's been in development for years, Terasology offers gameplay that's just as satisfying as the game it’s modeled after. In fact, some of Minecraft's concepts and gameplay appeared in Terasology first.
Terasology's gameplay is very similar to Minecraft's creative mode. Players can move freely through a randomly generated world, where everything -from the dirt under your feet to the mountains on the horizon- is made of blocks. Which, of course, you can break and add to your inventory. Once a block is in your inventory, you can use it to create anything and build a world of your own.
Just like in Minecraft, you can craft tools and weapons in Terasology. Build torches to light dark rooms, cook food to regain health, and much more. Although Terasology has the same blocky style as Minecraft, it has some unique elements that give it an overall much better appearance. For example, it uses impressively realistic graphics for the water and sky.
With great graphics, awesome sounds, and mountains of content, Terasology is a simply spectacular sandbox game. It's certainly an intriguing Minecraft alternative.