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At Puppet, open source software is in our DNA. From the earliest days of Facter to the latest version of Bolt, we’ve always been firm believers in the power of open source. Puppet’s own projects benefit from working in the open, and so do the upstream projects we contribute to, like Visual Studio Code, Leiningen, and Ruby. Adobe Character Animator CC 2020 For Mac is a desktop application software product that combines live motion-capture with a multi-track recording system to control layered 2D puppets drawn in Photoshop or Illustrator. It is automatically installed with Adobe After Effects since CC 20151 and is also available as a standalone application which.

  1. Puppet-enterprise-tools/
#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -o errtrace
set -o errexit
echo'About to install Facter $facter_version and Puppet $puppet_version on target volume $target_volume'
start_date=$(date '+%Y-%m-%d%:%H:%M:%S')
echo'mkdir /private/tmp/$start_date ; cd /private/tmp/$start_date'
mkdir /private/tmp/$start_date;cd /private/tmp/$start_date
echo'curl -O http://downloads.puppetlabs.com/mac/facter-$facter_version.dmg'
curl -O http://downloads.puppetlabs.com/mac/facter-$facter_version.dmg
echo'curl -O http://downloads.puppetlabs.com/mac/puppet-$puppet_version.dmg'
curl -O http://downloads.puppetlabs.com/mac/puppet-$puppet_version.dmg
echo'hdiutil attach facter-$facter_version.dmg'
hdiutil attach facter-$facter_version.dmg
echo'hdiutil attach puppet-$puppet_version.dmg'
hdiutil attach puppet-$puppet_version.dmg
echo'sudo installer -package /Volumes/facter-$facter_version/facter-$facter_version.pkg -target $target_volume'
sudo installer -package /Volumes/facter-$facter_version/facter-$facter_version.pkg -target '$target_volume'
echo'sudo installer -package /Volumes/puppet-$puppet_version/puppet-$puppet_version.pkg -target $target_volume'
sudo installer -package /Volumes/puppet-$puppet_version/puppet-$puppet_version.pkg -target '$target_volume'
echo'Creating directories in /var and /etc - needs sudo'
sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/puppet
sudo mkdir -p /etc/puppet/manifests
sudo mkdir -p /etc/puppet/ssl
if [ $(dscl . -list /Groups grep puppet wc -l)= 0 ];then
echo'Creating a puppet group - needs sudo'
max_gid=$(dscl . -list /Groups gid awk '{print $2}' sort -ug tail -1)
sudo dscl . create /Groups/puppet
sudo dscl . create /Groups/puppet gid $new_gid
if [ $(dscl . -list /Users grep puppet wc -l)= 0 ];then
echo'Creating a puppet user - needs sudo'
max_uid=$(dscl . -list /Users UniqueID awk '{print $2}' sort -ug tail -1)
sudo dscl . create /Users/puppet
sudo dscl . create /Users/puppet UniqueID $new_uid
sudo dscl . -create /Users/puppet PrimaryGroupID $new_gid
echo'Creating /etc/puppet/puppet.conf - needs sudo'
sudo sh -c 'echo '[main]
pluginsync = false
server = `hostname`
vardir = /var/lib/puppet
libdir = $vardir/lib
ssldir = /etc/puppet/ssl
certname = `hostname`
vardir = /var/lib/puppet
libdir = $vardir/lib
ssldir = /etc/puppet/ssl
certname = `hostname`
' > /etc/puppet/puppet.conf'
echo'Changing permissions - needs sudo'
sudo chown -R puppet:puppet /var/lib/puppet
sudo chown -R puppet:puppet /etc/puppet
echo'Cleaning up'
hdiutil detach /Volumes/facter-$facter_version
hdiutil detach /Volumes/puppet-$puppet_version
cd /private/tmp
rm -rf ./$start_date

commented Jan 9, 2013

You'll want to escape the $vardir variable (eg $vardir) or you'll end up with vardir = /lib in your puppet.conf

commented Feb 9, 2013


For people wanting a hassle free installation without delving into too much details just follow http://docs.puppetlabs.com/guides/installation.html#mac-os-x

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