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There are a lot of online poker rooms for Mac players to play at. However, some of the best and most popular poker rooms, such as PokerStars and PartyPoker, are not directly compatible with Mac computers. This can frustrate Mac players who want to play on one of the world’s premiere online poker sites. But, there is good news. There are two ways to play Poker Stars for Mac players.

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First Method to Play Poker Stars for Mac

Apple has recently created a new software program known as Apple Boot Camp. This innovative software allows Mac users to install Microsoft Windows XP on their Macs. By having Windows on Macintosh, it becomes possible to play Poker Stars for Mac., Free Download by This program is a powerfull tool for professional play poker against casino. PokerStars must be installed for this link to work properly. If PokerStars is not already installed on your device, PC or Mac, click ‘Download Now’. Once PokerStars is open you may close this browser window. Becoming a PokerStars player couldn’t be easier thanks to our free to use software and simple download process. Download now and start playing on your PC. We’re also available on a wide range of other platforms, so whether you’re a Mac, iOS or Android user, we’ve got you covered!

You can read more about Apple Boot Camp at their website. You can also read this other article about Apple Boot Camp for Poker.

The Poker Stars software was designed solely for Windows, so with Windows on the Mac, Poker Stars will run well.

Once you have completely installed Windows on your Mac, you can visit and download the poker software. You can then enjoy the Poker Stars experience.

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Second Method to Play Poker Stars for Mac

The second way to play Poker Stars for Mac, is to use a PC emulator. This way will sometimes be cheaper, depending on which PC emulator you use.

Sims 4 island living free download mac. A PC emulator simulates a Windows environment in a smaller window on your Mac. You can run Windows software through this emulator. The best PC emulator available is Virtual PC, of which there are several versions, with vastly different prices. You can get a version of Virtual PC for anything from $110 up to $230. Virtual PC isn’t the only PC emulator, but it is the best and least problematic.

Once you have obtained a PC emulator you can go to and download their software. The PC emulator will run the Poker Stars software inside a smaller window, which could take some getting used to.

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Pokerstars Eu Download Pc