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Last update: 2019-04-09

This document provides a quick historical reference to Opera versions, release dates, release streams, rendering engines, JavaScript engine, user agent/ID strings formats, features, and improvements.

The information below describes version history for Opera browsers built using the WebKit/Chromium rendering engine, Opera versions 15.0 and above. For information about the landmarks developed in Opera’s Presto rendering engine and related Opera browsers, please see Opera’s archived version history.

Version downloads

Opera downloads for Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms:

Latest Opera features, security and stability release (final)

Opera highly recommends all users to update to the latest release.

  • Opera for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

Opera pre-release channel builds

WARNING: These are pre-release builds. Please use them only on properly backed up computers. They contain the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes and data loss situations. In fact, they may not work at all.

Archived Opera versions

Legacy version of Opera for Mac, Windows, and Linux can be found in the Opera archive.

User agent string/ID

The user agent string for Chromium-based versions of Opera resembles the Chrome string with an additional browser signature:

OPR/[version major].[version minor].[build].[patch] (edition)

This signifies the name of the browser (OPR) followed by a series of numbers denoting the build.

An edition may be included in the string, if the build is from the developer or beta pre-release streams, or if the build has been custom-made for an Opera partner. For example, a developer channel release of Opera’s partner build with Yandex may have a signature that looks like:

OPR/25.0.1614.18 (Edition developer-Yx)

The full user agent string looks similar to this:

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/50.0.2661.87 Safari/537.36 OPR/37.0.2178.31 (Edition beta)

This string will vary depending on your operating system and the build number you are using. Broken down, these objects mean:

Opera mac os
Signifies the browser is Mozilla compatible.
(Operating system)
Signifies which platform and version of operating system the browser is running on.
Signifies the browser is WebKit compatible.
(Layout engine)
Signifies the layout engine used for rendering. KHTML is open-source and developed by the KDE project.
Chrome/[version, build, and patch]
Signifies the browser is Chrome compatible.
Signifies that the browser is Safari compatible.
OPR/[version, build, and patch]
Signifies the Opera browser signature (See above).
Signifies the edition of the Opera browser.

Feature facts

Discover when an Opera feature was first introduced into the WebKit/Chromium based browsers (in alphabetical order).

FeatureIntroduced (date: version)
Ad blocker2016-05-04: 37.0
Animated PNG support2017-06-22: 46.0
Autofill2013-08-27: 16.0
Battery saver2016-06-08: 38.0
Bookmarks bar2014-01-28: 19.0
Bookmark manager2014-10-15: 25.0
Chromecast support2018-01-04: 50.0
Classic link selection (revived from Opera 12)2017-02-07: 43.0
Click tab to scroll2018-02-07: 51.0
Combined address and search bar2013-07-02: 15.0
Copy page addresses2018-03-22: 52.0
Crypto Wallet2019-04-09: 60.0 R3
Cryptocurrency Mining Protection2018-01-04: 50.0
Currency converter2016-13-12: 42.0
Custom search2013-10-08: 17.0
Dark theme2017-05-10: 45.0
Desktop wallpaper in Opera2018-02-07: 51.0
Discover (news feed)2013-07-02: 15.0
Easy setup2017-11-08: 49.0
Exportable bookmarks2017-08-09: 47.0
Extensions2013-07-02: 15.0
Geolocation2013-08-27: 16.0
Heart menu2014-07-22: 23.0
Instant Search2018-04-25: 52.0 R2
Mac Touch Bar UI2017-03-21: 44.0
Media access2013-11-19: 18.0
Mouse gestures2013-07-02: 15.0
My Flow2018-04-25: 52.0 R2
News on Speed Dial2018-06-28: 54.0
Off-Road mode2013-07-02: 15.0
opera:flags2013-08-27: 16.0
Opera Turbo (Turbo 2)2014-06-03: 22.0
Optimized tab display2018-05-10: 53.0
Pin tabs2013-10-08: 17.0
Personalized newsreader2016-08-02: 39.0
Rearrange extensions2017-11-08: 49.0
Reset browser settings2018-02-07: 51.0
Rocker gestures2013-11-19: 18.0
Save web pages as PDF2018-01-04: 50.0
Scroll to top of page by clicking active tab2018-09-25: 56.0
Search pop up2016-08-02: 39.0
Select multiple tabs2018-03-22: 52.0
Sidebar messengers2017-05-10: 45.0
Site settings in security badge pop-up2018-08-16: 55.0
Snapshot2017-09-27: 48.0
Snapshot with editing tools2017-11-08: 49.0
Speed Dial2013-07-02: 15.0
Stash2013-07-02: 15.0
Sync services2015-03-10: 28.0
Tab previews2014-09-02: 24.0
Tab menu2015-01-27: 27.0
Theme creation2014-01-28: 19.0
Time zone converter2017-09-27: 48.0
Unit converter2017-09-27: 48.0
Update and Recovery page2018-06-28: 54.0
URL suggestion removal2017-09-27: 48.0
VPN (free, built-in)2016-09-20: 40.0
VR Player2017-11-08: 49.0
Warning before closing multiple tabs2019-01-23: 58.0
WebAssembly2017-03-21: 44.0
Web notifications2014-10-15: 25.0
Video pop out2016-05-04: 37.0
Volume control on video pop out2018-09-25: 56.0
Zoom level indicator in address bar2018-09-25: 56.0

Version history

Opera 68
Release date2020-04-22
Rendering engineChromium 81
JavaScript engineV8
  • Instagram in Sidebar
  • Search in tabs
  • Closing duplicate tabs
  • New security badges
Opera 67
Release date2020-02-25
Rendering engineChromium 80
JavaScript engineV8
  • Workspaces
  • Duplicate tabs highlighter
  • Horizontal tab cycler
  • Sync – log in in the tab
Opera 66
Release date2020-01-07
Rendering engineChromium 79
JavaScript engineV8
  • Extensions in Sidebar Pannel
  • Picture-in-picture
Opera 65
Release date2019-11-13
Rendering engineChromium 78
JavaScript engineV8
  • Bookmarks in the Sidebar Panel
  • Redesigned address bar
Opera 64
Release date2019-10-07
Rendering engineChromium 77
JavaScript engineV8
  • Tracker blocking
  • Adblocking new flow
Opera 63
Release date2019-08-20
Rendering engineChromium 76
JavaScript engineV8
Opera 62 – design updates to Reborn 3
Release date2019-06-27
Rendering engineChromium 75
JavaScript engineV8
  • Crypto Wallet integration with Opera for Android and Opera Touch for iOS
Opera 60 – R3
Release date2019-04-09
Rendering engineChromium 73
JavaScript engineV8
  • Crypto Wallet
Opera 59 beta
Release date(Final beta) 2019-02-28
Rendering engineChromium 72
JavaScript engineV8
  • Opera 60
Opera 58
Release date2019-01-23
Rendering engineChromium 71
JavaScript engineV8
  • Warning before closing window with multiple tabs
Opera 57
Release date2018-11-28
Rendering engineChromium 70
JavaScript engineV8
Opera 56
Release date2018-09-25
Rendering engineChromium 69
JavaScript engineV8
  • Scroll to top of page by clicking active tab
  • Zoom level indicator in address bar
  • Volume control on video pop out
Opera 55
Release date2018-08-16
Rendering engineChromium 68
JavaScript engineV8
  • Site settings in security badge pop-up
Opera 54
Release date2018-06-28
Rendering engineChromium 67
JavaScript engineV8
  • News on Speed Dial
  • Update and Recovery page
Opera 53
Release date2018-05-10
Rendering engineChromium 66
JavaScript engineV8
  • Optimized tabs display
Opera 52 R2
Release date2018-04-25
Rendering engineChromium 65
JavaScript engineV8
  • Instant Search
  • My Flow
Opera 52
Release date2018-03-22
Rendering engineChromium 65
JavaScript engineV8
  • Select multiple tabs
  • Copy page addresses
Opera 51
Release date2018-02-07
Rendering engineChromium 64
JavaScript engineV8
  • Click tab to scroll
  • Desktop wallpaper in Opera
  • Reset browser settings
Opera 50
Release date2018-01-04
Rendering engineChromium 63
JavaScript engineV8
  • Cryptocurrency Mining Protection
  • Chromecast support
  • Save web pages as PDF
Opera 49
Release date2017-11-08
Rendering engineChromium 62
JavaScript engineV8
  • Snapshot with editing tools
  • VR Player
  • Rearrange extensions
  • Easy setup
Opera 48
Release date2017-09-27
Rendering engineChromium 61
JavaScript engineV8
  • Unit converter
  • Time zone converter
  • Snapshot
  • URL suggestion removal
Opera 47
Release date2017-08-09
Rendering engineChromium 60
JavaScript engineV8
  • Exportable bookmarks
Opera 46
Release date2017-06-22
Rendering engineChromium 59
JavaScript engineV8
  • Animated PNG support
Opera 45
Release date2017-05-10
Rendering engineChromium 58
JavaScript engineV8
  • Sidebar messengers
  • Dark theme
  • Improved ad blocker
  • Refreshed UI
Opera 44
Release date2017-03-21
Rendering engineChromium 57
JavaScript engineV8
  • Mac Touch Bar UI
  • WebAssembly
Opera 43
Release date2017-02-07
Rendering engineChromium 56
JavaScript engineV8
  • Instant page loading
  • Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) for Windows
  • Classic link selection returns
Opera 42
Release date2016-12-13
Rendering engineChromium 55
JavaScript engineV8
  • Built-in currency converter
  • Improved startup; smarter and faster
  • Newsreader shortcut in URL address bar
  • Network installer for Opera 64-bit
Opera 41
Release date2016-10-25
Rendering engineChromium 54
JavaScript engineV8
  • Faster startup.
  • Longer battery time when video conferencing
  • Hardware-accelerated video pop-out
  • Personalized newsreader improvements
  • Stability enhancements and bug fixes
Opera 40
Release date2016-09-20
Rendering engineChromium 53
JavaScript engineV8
  • Free, unlimited, no-log browser VPN service
  • Automatic battery saving
  • Chromecast support
  • Video pop-out improvements
  • Newsreader with RSS support
  • Stability enhancements and bug fixes
Opera 39
Release date2016-08-02
Rendering engineChromium 52
JavaScript engineV8
  • Personalized newsreader
  • Improved video pop out
  • Customizable block lists to the native ad blocker
  • Search pop-up
  • Stability enhancements and bug fixes
Opera 38
Release date2016-06-08
Rendering engineChromium 51
JavaScript engineV8
  • Battery saver
  • Ad blocker – add your own lists
  • Speed Dial improvements
    • Add your own photo as theme
    • Extension button visible in the Speed Dial side panel
  • Stability enhancements and bug fixes
Opera 37
Release date2016-05-04
Rendering engineChromium 50
JavaScript engineV8
  • Built-in ad blocker makes webpages load faster
  • Video pop out displays video in a floating frame, always on top
Opera 36
Release date2016-03-15
Rendering engineChromium 49
JavaScript engineV8
  • News feed on start page
  • Updated start page look and feel
  • Touch support for Windows 10
Opera 35
Release date2016-02-02
Rendering engineChromium 48
JavaScript engineV8
  • Basic settings page
  • Mute button in tab bar
  • Active download warning on exit
  • Removal of bookmark duplicates
  • Optional separate search bar
Opera 34
Release date2015-12-08
Rendering engineChromium 47
JavaScript engineV8
  • MSE audio playback
  • Share button on Mac
Opera 33
Release date2015-10-27
Rendering engineChromium 46
JavaScript engineV8
  • Turbo 2 compression
  • Proprietary audio codec support
  • MIDI system-exclusive message settings
  • Protocol handler settings
  • Discontinued NPAPI support
Opera 32
Release date2015-09-15
Rendering engineChromium 45
JavaScript engineV8
  • Animate themes
  • Sync passwords
  • Improved heart menu
  • Tree view for bookmark manager
  • Native Mac toolbars
Opera 31
Release date2015-08-04
Rendering engineChromium 44
JavaScript engineV8
  • Widevine DRM support
  • Sync browsing history
Opera 30
Release date2015-06-09
Rendering engineChromium 43
JavaScript engineV8
  • Extensions sidebar
  • Enhanced tab menu
  • Bookmarks trash folder
  • Sync browser settings
  • HTML5 MSE/H.264 support
Opera 29
Release date2015-04-28
Rendering engineChromium 42
JavaScript engineV8
  • Improved start page look
  • Improved history manager
  • Sync open tabs
  • Sync and manage Speed Dial start pages
  • Audio indicator on the tab bar
  • Custom keyboard shortcuts
  • More mouse gestures
Opera 28
Release date2015-03-10
Rendering engineChromium 41
JavaScript engineV8
  • Sync bookmarks with phones and tablets
  • Improved bookmark manager
  • Bookmarks suggestions in address bar
  • Increased H.264 support for Mac
  • Increased vibrancy for Mac menus
Opera 27
Release date2015-01-27
Rendering engineChromium 40
JavaScript engineV8
  • Tab menu
  • Enhanced bookmark manager
  • Improved PPAPI support
  • Support for synthesized speech
  • New start page navigation
Opera 26
Release date2014-12-03
Rendering engineChromium 39
JavaScript engineV8
  • Browser data import
  • Print preview
  • Bookmark sharing
  • Handoff support for Mac
  • Popover enhancement for Mac
Opera 25
Release date2014-10-15
Rendering engineChromium 38
JavaScript engineV8
  • Bookmark manager
  • PDF viewer
  • Web notifications
  • Experimental start page
  • More support for HiDPI video and MP3 audio
  • Network installation on Mac
Opera 24
Release date2014-09-02
Rendering engineChromium 37
JavaScript engineV8
  • Tab previews
  • HiDPI improvements on Windows
  • Darker window color for private browsing on Windows
Opera 23
Release date2014-07-22
Rendering engineChromium 36
JavaScript engineV8
  • Heart menu in combined search and address bar
  • UI to allow blocked content in secure sessions
Opera 22
Release date2014-06-03
Rendering engineChromium 35
JavaScript engineV8
  • HiDPI improvements
  • New default themes
Opera 21
Release date2014-05-06
Rendering engineChromium 34
JavaScript engineV8
  • Aura implementation (Windows)
  • Option to display full URL in address bar
  • Broken padlock security badge
Opera 20
Release date2014-03-04
Rendering engineChromium 33
JavaScript engineV8
  • Improved Stash screenshots
  • Draggable bookmarks
  • Speed Dial entry manual sizing
Opera 19
Release date2014-01-28
Rendering engineChromium 32
JavaScript engineV8
  • Bookmarks bar
  • Theme creation
  • Advanced settings
Opera 18
Release date2013-11-19
Rendering engineChromium 31
JavaScript engineV8
  • Media access
  • Rocker gestures
  • Theme installations via addons.opera.com
Opera 17
Release date2013-10-08
Rendering engineChromium 30
JavaScript engineV8
  • Pinned tabs
  • Custom search
  • Startup behavior options
Opera 16
Release date2013-08-27
Rendering engineChromium 29
JavaScript engineV8
  • opera:flags experimental test features
  • Geolocation and location sharing
  • Presentation mode for Mac
  • Task bar and start menu integration for Windows 7 and 8
Opera 15
Release date2013-07-02
Rendering engineChromium 28
JavaScript engineV8
  • New rendering engine based on Chromium/Blink
  • New user interface
  • Improved site compatibility
  • Silent auto updates
  • Combined address and search bar
  • Enhanced Speed Dial
  • Stash
  • Discover
  • Off-Road mode

Opera 9 Download Mac Os

17.9 MB

Opera 12 is the latest version of the browser available that used the Presto layout engine. Moving forward all newer versions of Opera rely on the Blink web browser engine developed as part of the Chromium project and thus, the same rendering engine used by Google's Chrome.

Key Features

Out-of-Process Plug-ins

Opera now runs plug-ins as a separate process, allowing for more control when a plug-in misbehaves. This feature will enhance security and stability.

64-Bit Mac and Windows versions

The 64-bit version of Opera will offer performance improvements for some functions and allow Opera more freedom in allocating memory.


New, lightweight themes make it easier to customize the browser. Install or change themes at the click of a button, without restarting the browser. The themes gallery can be viewed here.

Address Field Enhancements

Opera 9 Download Mac Download

Opera download

Numerous improvements to the address bar have been made:

  • Improved address field and address bar drop-down suggestions
  • Smart URL shortening in the address field drop-down
  • The page title and the page excerpt will be used for full page search results
  • URL and page content columns in the address field drop-down have been combined

Download Opera Software

Experimental Full Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration allows Opera to offload graphics rendering from the processor (CPU) to the graphics card (GPU), making graphics intensive operations such as animations faster.

Right-to-Left (RTL) script support added, language support expanded

RTL support will bring additional stability for certain languages. Persian, Urdu, Hebrew, and Arabic languages added.

Windows and Tabs API

Extensions will now be able to interact with tabs, create tab groups, and manage windows.

Opera Unite, Opera Widget, and Opera Voice Discontinuation

Opera Unite and Opera Widgets will be off by default in Opera 12.00, and will eventually be phased out of the Opera browser in the future. Voice support will be removed as of Opera 12.00, as the voice-detection library is no longer supported by the third-party vendor.

Web Specifications Support

Opera 12.00 will include changes in the Opera Presto 2.10 engine up to core-integration-point 289. WebRTC Initial support for real-time communication has been added. Allowing the source of HTML5 video to be set to the user's webcam.

HTML5 Drag and Drop

Drag and drop enables webpages to have elements that the user can drag from one page to another, or from their desktop to the webpage.

CSS3 Animations and Transitions

Support for animations and transitions has been updated and expanded.

Do Not Track

Added support for the Do Not Track (DNT) HTTP header.

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Paged Overflow

An innovative new set of CSS constructs that allow webpages to be split up into paged media, revolutionizing the Web reading experience.

Cross-Originresourcesharing (CORS) for XMLHTTPREQUEST

CORS enables more secure and flexible communications between websites.

Operating system compatibility: Windows 8 and Mac OSX

We have added basic touch support for Opera in Windows 8 Classic, so you will be able to scroll, zoom and browse pages and elements easily. As an extra bonus, touch support also works on Windows 7. Meanwhile, our Mac users will enjoy using the new capabilities of OSX Mountain Lion with Opera. You are now able to use Mountain Lion's built-in share function, using the new Share button in Opera’s address bar, as well as seeing Opera notifications in the Notifications Center.

What's New:

More is better

Enhance your time online by adding extensions. Want an instant check on the weather or just the number of emails in your inbox? We’ve got hundreds of useful extensions in our catalog already, in categories ranging from games and entertainment to news and blogging. And, in this version of Opera, we’ve put the pieces in place to make the extensions of the future even more powerful.

Plays well with others

Opera is the browser that was designed to work on many different devices and software platforms. Now, we’ve enhanced our support for the most popular operating systems in use today. With basic touch support for Opera in both Windows 7 and Windows 8 Classic, you’ll have the functionality you want at your fingertips.

Apple users will be able to take full advantage of Retina Display when using Opera on Macs. In addition, those on OS X Mountain Lion can use Mountain Lion’s built-in share function to share your latest favorite link, photo, video or comment instantly with the rest of the world. You’ll also be able to receive Opera notifications in the Mountain Lion Notification Center.

Fine-tuned function

Faster, smoother and more solid — we’re always tinkering and tweaking to make Opera run better, but we have an especially long list of improvements in this release. This includes support for the SPDY (“Speedy”) network standard, as well as some new web standards that promise to add richer functionality and an improved look and feel to your favorite websites.

Finally, this version of Opera also offers improved compatibility and interoperability with sites all over the web, thanks to support for a variety of both prefixed and unprefixed CSS properties.

Software similar to Opera for Mac 7

  • 61 votes
    From the creators of Opera, a browser that is fast, but also a browser that is rich in functionality, highly flexible and puts the user first. A browser that is made for you.
    • Freeware
    • Windows/macOS/Linux
  • 303 votes
    Opera introduces the looks and the performance of a total new and exceptional web browser.
    • Freeware
    • Windows/macOS/Linux
  • 270 votes
    Open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way to experience the web.
    • Freeware
    • Windows/macOS/Linux