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Office Home & Student is a bundle containing Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. These programs are ideal for any student’s assignments or home needs.

Limited to one device

Office Home & Student is a set of document creating software including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Mac users: To extract the contents of.dmg (disk image) files, double-click the file and the image will mount on your desktop. If your security prevents you from running a Mac installer, control+click the installer file and choose Open, then click the Open button on the confirmation screen. Students & faculty can download Microsoft Office 2019 for Windows or Mac at little to no cost or upgrade from Office 2016 to the all-new Office 2019 with OnTheHub.

Office Home & Student is a bundle containing three programs and 60 days of Microsoft support. It contains Microsoft Word for creating documents, Excel for creating spreadsheets and graphs, and PowerPoint for creating presentations. The apps are all the 2019 version and won’t receive any future updates.

Unlike with other Microsoft Office bundles, there’s no monthly or yearly subscription to pay for as these applications will no longer receive updates. Thanks to this, you’ll pay one fee for the lifetime access to all three applications on one device.

The software provided uses some of the best text document and spreadsheet creation features available. One such example is when you use the spell checker to correct any spelling errors.

The applications available have one major downfall if you work on more than one device such as a work computer and your Macbook. There is no cloud storage available and sharing files will require an additional program or a USB stick.

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If the Office Home & Student bundle isn’t what you’re looking for, there are other services from Microsoft that you can add on, or you can see one of the alternatives available.

Where can you run this program?

Office Home & Student is available for Windows 10 as well as Mac OS 10.4.4 and up.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. There are better bundles such as Office 365 that provide more features; however, for household and student needs, this is the best option.

Our take

Office Home & Student is a great way to prepare assignments or other documents you’ll need around the house or at school.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for a way to work on documents or create spreadsheets, then Office Home & Student is a great option.


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Office 2019 Home and Student : The most essential items for everyone who works from home, private users and students: Office 2019 brings it all together in the Home and Student edition. This is a license for exactly one device, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint programs. OneNote is also included in the pack and can be downloaded in Windows 10 from the Windows Store. Users can store their data either offline, directly on the computer, or online, in the cloud, using OneDrive or similar providers. 'Do more work at home or at school' is Microsoft’s motto. A motto that can also be respected with this edition of Office 2019.

With Word 2019, it is now possible to create more professional-looking documents more efficiently: modification and control of the content of printing on the printer is carried out in a single operation. In addition, the search function (known since the old edition) is also included, giving beginners quick access to all the essential features of Word 2019. Also completely new in the Office 2019 Home and Student version: integration SVG graphics, which can be resized and moved more easily than those in JPG or PNG format. Everyone who writes with a stylus on a touch screen will also be pleased with the improvements that have been made to character recognition. This is above all useful for taking notes.

But the one that's made for presentations is PowerPoint 2019: this well-known tool allows you to create slides and full presentations at a professional level. Ideas and information can thus be presented in a more attractive way, both visually and audibly. New in PowerPoint, in all versions of Office 2019: the use of recordings with ultra-HD resolution, so that 4K videos can now be seamlessly integrated into slides. Better support for zooming and resizing existing photos or other graphics also eliminates the need to purchase additional image processing programs. Whether it's single slides or long multi-page slides, PowerPoint 2019 is the perfect tool.

With Excel 2019, the buyer of this license has a well-known application, designed to manage tables. Whatever the nature of your data, it can be entered in a simple and intuitive way before being visually staged. Keyboard shortcuts allow users working with Excel on a daily basis to quickly access the most important features. The mathematical functions, now included in greater numbers in the pack, have notably been improved in the new version. The application also makes new methods available to present data in a visually appealing way, thereby providing a visualization tool. This saves time for all users, who can still enjoy Excel's well-known workflow.


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