Download Music From Mac To Iphone 7

To get music on iPhone 7 or 7 plus, we can download from iTunes store, music app and in other way import songs stored on computer hard drive to iPhone 7 or 7 plus. Using iTunes is the traditional way. This article helps you transfer music to iPhone 7 or 7 plus with an iTunes alternative tool. One of the most straightforward ways to transfer music from your PC or Mac computer to an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus handset is to use iTunes. Since this is native software to Apple, the process is a lot.


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Is there any easy way to download music from computer to iPhone?

With the ever-growing music industry, the need for music is no doubt escalating faster than ever. There are currently several many music-sharing sites namely YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, and Spotify among others from where you can access the songs you desire. Streaming songs over these sites is definitely an expensive approach. However, all is not lost as you can download such tracks to the computer and then transfer them to your iPhone device. This process would prove perfect if you used an appropriate music downloader app. Luckily, there are many such applications over the Internet. Download and install on your computer to enjoy music download.

Easily Download Music from Mac/PC/Laptop to iPhone

iMusic is definitely a top notch all-in-one music downloader app for Mac or PC. Users of this amazing app have tested and confirmed beyond doubt the excellent capabilities this application offers. Apart from downloading music files, you have a list of other media related things that can be comfortably handled by the program such as recording, fixing iTunes library and transferring music files. If you need a tool to conveniently handle music downloads from your different web sharing sites to your computer then iMusic downloader is the perfect tool for. After downloading the videos to your computer you will then transfer or copy the music files to your iPhone within a click. You will have to download this application over the Internet, install it and be part of those experiencing quality music downloads.

iMusic - Best Music Downloader

  • Multiple Music Download sites- iMusic supports music downloads from over 3000 music sharing platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, and Spotify among others; you can directly download MP3 from sites and save them in your iTunes library for proper management and enjoyment.
  • Discover and Downloader- This application has a built-in music library, which enables you to get access and download a tone of songs or hottest playlists of diverse genres and artists based on your personal interest.
  • Record Songs- iMusic downloader program has a feature that enables users to record songs they feel like retaining especially in a case of listening music on the radio; the ID3 tags: artists name, song title, year and genre.
  • Fix, Backup and Rebuild iTunes Library- Users have an array of options that enable them to fix their whole iTunes Library including removal of duplicate songs, dead or broken tracks as well as mislabeled songs.
  • Powerful Toolbox- This application features a powerful toolbox that lets you remove DRM protection, convert music, create car playlist and burn media to CDs.

How to Download Music from Computer to iPhone using iMusic:

Step 1. Discover or locate Music. Locate the “GET MUSIC” icon on the main interface for the music download options. There are three options provided, Discover, Download and the Record option.


Step 2. There are two options to download music. One is to click “Discover” button to access a list of music sources. Just beside the song of your choice is a download button. Click on this button to begin the download process.

For the other option, click on “Download” button and you will see the list of websites that you can download music. Choose a site like “YouTube” and search for the song. From the results displayed click on “Download” and move to the next step.

Step 3. Choose the desired file format. Select the desired format for the music file you wish to download. These formats include MP4, and MP3 among others. Once you have selected the desired format, the download starts automatically.

Step 4: Transfer the music files. When the file is downloaded, it gets saved in the media library. Go to the media Library and then the Download icon. Use a suitable media like USB cable to transfer these music files from your computer to the iPhone device.

Download music from PC to iPhone using Plugin is an excellent application that enables you to download virtually any Internet video with ease. The most fascinating part is the fact that this application creates either a link or button within the site itself. This eventually makes it quite simple and easy to go by.

This program can be installed in two ways. The first case is to download it through an application on Windows while the other option is through a third party extension.

If you use a third extension, you will be require to download the extension and another file to enable the activation of

How to download music using

Step 1. Download extension to your browser here:

Step 2. When the extension is successfully installed, open the music page and point the cursor to the respective name of the desired track. A link which appear like an arrow will be immediately displayed. Keep the mouse on the link for a moment so as to get the quality and the size of your track. The quality (bit rate) is an approximate value calculated from the file size.

Step 3. Locate and press the extension button on the toolbar and then select the “Download audio files” option.

To download a playlist, you will have to press the extension button on the toolbar and subsequently select the option labelled “Download a playlist”.

If you just want to select some of your favorite songs to your brand-new iPhone 11/XS or iPhone X/8/7/6 with latest iOS 14/13 and older iOS systems. and don’t want to hassle with iTunes, you can check the solutions here. In this guide, we will show you the best way to transfer music from Mac to iPhone without losing the existing data.

How to Transfer Music from Mac to iPhone - 3 Solutions

Download Music From Mac To Iphone 7

If you have any problems in transferring music from Mac to iPhone, there are 3 methods below. Choose the one that meet your needs.

  • Method 1: Transfer Music from Mac to iPhone Using iPhone Transfer Tool - Recommend!
  • Method 2: Transfer Music from Mac to iPhone Using Cloud Services
  • Method 3: Transfer Music from Mac to iPhone with iTunes

01 Transfer Music from Mac to iPhone Using iPhone Transfer Tool - Recommend!

Perfect for: Everyone who want to transfer any Mac music iPhone without losing any data.

Did you know that you can transfer music from mac to iPhone at all? Using an iPhone transfer tool like iMyFone TunesMate, you can directly transfer iPhone music to and from your Mac without iTunes sync.

TunesMate is a great alternative of iTunes:

  • Support all music formats and automatically convert music supported by iPhone.
  • Support purchased and free iPhone music from and to Mac/iTunes.
  • Two-way transfer directly between your iPhone and Mac/computer.
  • No music files will be deleted while transferring.
  • Receives lots of positive reviews from Getintopc, Geekreply, etc.
  • Available for all iOS devices in iOS 14/13.

Cake mania download mac. Here is how you can transfer music from Mac to iPhone:

Step 1:Download iMyFone TunesMate on your Mac. Install and open it. Connect your iPhone to Mac with a USB cable.

Put Music On Iphone From Computer

Step 2: Click “Music” where you see the tab at the top. A list of your iPhone songs should come up automatically after this.

Step 3: Click “Add > Add File/Folder” button to locate your Mac music. Choose the music you want to transfer and tap “Open” to start the transfer process.


By the way, your music files will be automatically converted to a format that your iPhone can use. It’s really convenient.Or you can use the drag-and-drop way to transfer music. Just open the music folder on your Mac and directly drag the selected songs to the music window of TunesMate.

Powerful Functions of iMyFone TunesMate

As a good alternative of iTunes, apart from transferring music from Mac to iPhone, TunesMate also works good in two-way transfer and smart management.

1. Share music with different Apple IDs:
  • Export music to iTunes/computer from unlimited iPhones.
  • Import music collection from iTunes/computer to iPhones even signed in different Apple IDs.

2. Manage iPhone media collection:

  • Delete unwanted music/video/photos/apps in bulk. It is the free trial.
  • Back up iPhone media to a local library on Mac and enjoy a huge music collection.
  • Edit iPhone music ID3 tags, like artwork, name, artist, etc.
  • Manage music playlists by creating, renaming, adding/removing music.

02 Transfer Music from Mac to iPhone Using Cloud Services

Perfect for: iPhone users who have much iOS space and have stable Wi-Fi connection.

Cloud services allow you to store music on servers using the Internet, so you can technically use them to transfer music from Mac to iPhone as well. Here are some services you could try:

  • Google Play Music
Google Play Music allows you to buy music and store it on the cloud, so this means that you can share it among many devices. However, one major limitation is that you will need an Internet connection and download another app on iPhone to access your songs. Also, you usually have to buy the music.
  • Airmore
Airmore is a convenient app that lets you connect all of your devices together and transfer files between them wirelessly. Like any other cloud app, you need to have an Internet connection to use it and it requires a two-step process, since you need to upload the files to the cloud from your Mac, and then download them off the cloud to your iPhone. In contrast, with TunesMate, you can just directly transfer music from your Mac to your iPhone and you don’t need an Internet connection.
  • Dropbox
Dropbox allow users to store their music files and playlist in the cloud then transfer them to any device they want. It is easy and helpful when you need to transfer music from Mac to iPhone. All you need is to install it on your Mac and Dropbox for your phone. Put your songs from your Mac to a container of it, then then sync it to your iPhone. Now you can enjoy the music freely on your iPhone.

However, as we can see that all these three ways are not that convenient as iMyFone TunesMate, which only need one program and a usb cable to transfer music from Mac easily.

How To Download Music From Macbook To Iphone 7

03 Transfer Music from Mac to iPhone with iTunes

Perfect for: iPhone users who do not fear to lose songs while transferring.

Download Music From Mac To Iphone 7

Of course, you can always just go with iTunes, since it’s the default option—even if it’s not the best one. Here is how to do it:

  1. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to Mac.
  2. On iTunes, make sure you are in 'Music' library. Then click 'File > Add File to Library' and locate your Mac music.
  3. Select the songs you wish to sync and press 'Open' to add them to iTunes music library.
  4. Click device icon at the upper right corner on iTunes and go to 'Music' from the left sidebar.
  5. Tick 'Sync Music' and choose to sync entire music library or selected songs. Hit 'Sync' button to tramsfer music from iTunes library to iPhone.

As you might already imagine, there are a few limitations with this.

  • For one, it will erase the previous music on your iPhone.
  • It only supports specific formats, like MP3. You need to convert music first.
  • If your iPhone is synced with another iTunes library, or it is the first time to sync your iPhone music on this Mac, it will erase your iPhone.

How To Download Music From Macbook Pro To Iphone 7

In conclusion, if you need to transfer music from Mac to iPhone, the best tool for you is iMyFone TunesMate. It can help you easily transfer music/videos between iPhone in iOS 14 and PC without any limitations. Download the free trial first and start transferring files to your iPhone now!