Download Google Drive File Stream Mac

Installing Google Drive File Stream for Mac. From a Finder window, delete the old Google Drive folder from your computer. On the “Google Drive Help” page, click Download for Mac. If prompted, save the installer file to your Desktop. (If you’re not prompted, the file may have been saved in your Downloads folder.) Double-click the. Free download Google Drive File Stream Google Drive File Stream for Mac OS X 👍. Google Drive File Stream 🌐 - With Drive File Stream, you stream your Drive files directly from the cloud to your Mac or PC, freeing up disk space and network bandwidth.


  1. Drive File Stream Access all of your Google Drive content directly from your Mac or PC, without using up disk space. Download Backup and Sync for Mac Download Backup and Sync for Windows.
  2. For anyone that also wants to know Go to: Applications/Google Drive File Change the name of 'drivefs.icns' to something else for backup I simply added 'old-' to the front of its file name, then rename the.icns file that you want to be your icon 'drivefs.icns' and past it into the same Resources folder.

Google Drive File Stream is a desktop application that provides live access to your Google at IU My Drive content in the cloud through Windows Explorer and Mac Finder. With Google Drive File Stream, you can store, edit, and collaborate on files and folders associated with your Google at IU account without using up disk space on your computer.


Google Drive File Stream offers the following features. For instructions for using these features, see Use Drive File Stream with work or school.

  • Access Google My Drive and Google at IU Shared Drives files and folders directly through Windows Explorer and Mac Finder.
  • Share and copy links to Google My Drive files directly from your desktop.
  • Mark individual files and folders for offline access.
  • See who's editing shared Microsoft Office files in real time.
  • Easily attach and save files in Outlook (Windows only).

You may use Google Drive File Stream to access protected health information (PHI) in Google at IU Secure Storage (coming soon), including in offline mode. Only mark files or folders for offline availability when you are directly working on them. Those files or folders must not be marked for offline availability when they are not being actively worked on. Iomega storage manager mac download.

MacThis UITS system or service meets certain requirements established in the HIPAA Security Rule thereby enabling its use for work involving data that contain protected health information (PHI). However, using this system or service does not fulfill your legal responsibilities for protecting the privacy and security of data that contain PHI. You may use this system or service for work involving data that contain PHI only if you institute additional administrative, physical, and technical safeguards that complement those UITS already has in place.

Before you begin

Google Drive File Stream For Mac

Before you install Google Drive File Stream:

  • Confirm your device is capable of supporting Google Drive File Stream:
    • Windows: You'll need Windows 7 or later, or Windows Server 2012 or later.
    • Mac: You'll need El Capitan (10.11) or later. For High Sierra (10.13) or later, follow the steps at Use Drive File Stream on macOS High Sierra (10.13) or newer.
  • If you have Backup and Sync for Google Drive installed on your computer, UITS recommends uninstalling it. For instructions, see Stop syncing Google Drive files with Backup and Sync.

Install Google Drive File Stream

To install the Google Drive File Stream app:

  1. Download the appropriate Google Drive File Stream app for your computer:
  2. Open the .exe or .dmg file and follow the on-screen instructions.
    During the installation process, you will be asked to make a change to your computer's settings to give Google Drive File Stream the appropriate permissions.
  3. Once setup is complete, the Google Drive File Stream icon () will appear in the notification area of the Windows taskbar or in the Mac menu bar. Click the icon to launch the application, and then click Sign in.
    If you don't see the Sign in button, click the gear icon () to open the Settings menu, then select Preferences, and click Sign-in on the 'Preferences' screen.
  4. On the Google sign-in page, enter your Google at IU username ( When you are redirected to IU Login, enter your IU username and passphrase.
  5. Once you have successfully logged in, a drive named 'Google Drive File Stream' (in Windows Explorer) or 'Google Drive' (in macOS Finder) will appear on your computer. In it, you'll see a folder named My Drive, which provides access to your individual files and folders.
    • To access shared files and folders (in Shared with me) via File Stream, create shortcuts to them in Google My Drive; see Create a shortcut to a shared file or folder in Google My Drive.
    • You may also see a Shared Drives folder, if your team, department, school, or organization use Google at IU Shared Drives.

Learn more

To learn how to change accounts, disconnect, change the location of the Google Drive File Stream mount point, and so on, see the 'Change Drive File Stream Settings' section in Use Drive File Stream with work or school.

Drive File Stream Or Backup And Sync

Google Drive File Stream allows you to access files from Google’s cloud. It’s pretty easy for a lot of our coworkers to saturate our pipes. So you can configure a maximum download and upload speed in kilobytes per second. To do so write a defaults domain into /Library/Preferences/ and use a key of BandwidthRxKBPS for download and BandwidthTxKBPS for upload (downstream and upstream as they refer to them) as follows:

Google Drive File Stream Download Mac

defaults write BandwidthRxKBPS -int 200
defaults write BandwidthTxKBPS -int 200