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  1. What is Cube World? Cubeworld is an action role-playing-game for the PC made by Wollay. It has been in development since June 2011, and currently released Alpha version exists.
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Introduction of Cube World Game

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If you do not know, Cube World is an immersive action game created by Picroma. At present, you can only play this game on the Microsoft Windows platform. If your computer is operating on Mac OS or Chrome OS, you may need to find some special ways to launch this game.

The author of Cube World is Wolfram von Funck – a game designer. He has started to develop this game since June 2011, and Sarah – his wife, came to join him no long later.

They released the first alpha version of this game in July 2013. However, there were rarely updates and information from the developer. As a result, before Wolfram von Funck claimed that he would introduce the game officially on 30th September 2019, a large number of people still considered Cube World to be vaporware.

Cube World Gameplay

Upon entering Cube World, you can explore a massive world based on voxel. In addition to various biomes such as vast grasslands, snowy lands, endless deserts, and borderless oceans, there are a lot of dark dungeons, even underground caverns, and magnificent castles.

aGamers are able to utilize many types of items, support tools as well as vehicles like boats and hang gliders to travel between locations in this world faster.

Most noteworthy, you can create and design your own character by selecting your favorite race and gender. Also, you can customize the appearance of your character with many options.

Next, you can select one from the following four classes: Mage, Ranger, Warrior, or Rogue. Each of them will have different power and characteristics with their own unique weapons, armors, stats, and skills.

On your adventure through this fantasy pixel world, you can earn exp points and level up by killing evil creatures and monsters. As you progress, your character can grow stronger with improved stats and abilities.

At the same time, it means that you can have the choice to specialize in your favorite playstyles. For example, a mage can concentrate on enhancing his magic damage or healing spells; and a warrior manages to put his effort into upgrading defensive abilities or increasing damage. Of course, you can also have a balanced choice if you want.

Moreover, you will have the ability to tame plenty of different animals (such as sheep, an eagle, or a turtle) to serve you. For instance, they can be your assistant in a fight or a speedy mount for you to travel around the world like a flash.

Last but not least, you can craft various things such as potions, tools, food, weapons, elixirs, and even cosmetics. Apart from being a hero solving challenging quests, helping the residents, and killing monsters to save the cubic world, you can play as a blacksmith, a cook, an alchemist, etc. This feature makes Cube World much more enjoyable and gives its players fresh experience.

Final Words

Cube World gameis a simple open-world game for anyone to play alone (in Single-player Mode) or have fun with their friends (in Coop-online-multiplayer Mode).

Fundamentally, you can have a game somewhat similar to Minecraft, but there are still many different points between these two games. However, remember that the producer has just released Cube World for only a short time so we can totally expect to have dramatic changes and new features in the future.

All you need is just an average computer, a little disk space, and about $10 to have a super promising game.

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