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Music, TV, and podcasts take center stage. ITunes forever changed the way people experienced. All versions of Mac OS X that were made to run on PowerPC systems (with the exception of Leopard) had a Mac OS 9 emulation layer called 'Classic'. It allowed Mac OS X to run Mac OS 9 applications that weren't updated to run natively on OS X (known as carbonization based on the Carbon API).

Its for you ! . i found a Greate FTP link to download patched leopard those who are not getting good speed in Torrents !!!
These ISO files are already patched . so you need just to download and burn on a DVD !
for the startup patch for the Leopard, visit,
Readme and Macdrive
Note: These patched iso files wont work in original Mac laptops such as Macbook pro, macbook etc.. you have to download original (6.6GB osx-leopard105.dmg , from other source. you can get it from torrent . Direct link will be published Soon


Mac Os 10.5 Leopard Download