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AeroFly 5 Update Version is developed by com.aerofly.AeroFly5UpdateVersion5.1.0 and is used by 1 user of Mac Informer. The most popular version of this product among our users is 1.0. The product will soon be reviewed by our informers.

For Windows: On DVD or as a download

  1. AeroFly for Mac OS X 10.5 and that our famous AeroFly Professional Deluxe RC-simulator is finally available for MAC direct download from the IKARUS Web Upgrade from aerofly5 to aeroflyRC7 ULTIMATE (Download for –
  2. The latest version of aerofly5 Update Version is 5.7 on Mac Informer. It is a perfect match for 3D Modeling in the Design & Photo category. The app is developed by Aerofly.

The aeroflyRC8 starts on DVD or as a Download for Windows. Both versions are equivalent and both versions are available via the IKARUS-Shop from now!

On DVD or as a Download: only 199,- Euro

Select 9 menu languages: EN – DE – FR – SP – IT – NL – DK – CZ – PL

NEW for Mac: As a download in the AppStore


The aeroflyRC8 is now also available as an app for Apple Mac computers. Because Apple Mac computers currently do not support VR headsets, fly the aeroflyRC8 on your Mac in a brilliant resolution and in monitor mode with a super-sharp retina display support!

Select 9 menu languages: EN – DE -FR – SP – IT – NL – DK -CZ – PL

Upgrades for aeroflyRC7 user

For all aeroflyRC7 users there are good news right from the beginning! You can benefit from discounted upgrades. One from RC7-PROFESSIONAL and another from RC7 ULTIMATE to the brand new aeroflyRC8 .

Content of aeroflyRC8


  • 246 models / 54 sceneries / 8 4D sceneries
  • normal mode for PC-Monitor (Win and Mac)
  • 3D mode for VR-Headsets (Only for Windows)
  • FPV-Parcourse for multicopter
  • Racetrack for all models
  • Auto gyros, motor trikes, retractable glider engine, Flettner roto wing
  • Helis, Jets, Multicopters, Aerobatics, Glider, Scale models, sea planes, true scale models
  • Super real reflections and water effects, super real dynamic effects
  • For all IKARUS-RC FlightController or USB-Interfaces

System requirements for Windows

Minimum (recommended) system requirements

  • 64-Bit Win 7/8/10
  • DualCore 2,4 GHz (QuadCore 3,0 GHz)
  • RAM 4 GB (8 GB)
  • Free Disc Space: 8 GB
  • 3D graphics card with 1 GB (2 GB) with Open-GL 4.0 or higher
  • Only for VR mode: video card with 4 GB. with Open-GL 4.5 or higher
  • The RC8 is optimized for Oculus-Rift and HTC-Vive Headsets
  • A version for AppleMac computer is available via the AppleAppStore. The aeroflyRC can´t be installed under Parallels or also Linux.

System requirements for Mac-OS

  • macOS 10.14.2 Mojave (or higher) recommended
  • macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra
  • macOS 10.12.6 Sierra

Supported Hardware:After effects h264 codec download mac iso.

  • iMac: iMacs with AMD-GPUs since end of 2011
  • Mac Book Pro: all versions since 2013
  • Mac Book Air: all versions since 2013
  • Mac Mini: all versions since 2014
  • Mac Book Retina: all versions since 2015
  • eGPU: alle official eGPU-modules based on AMD-GPUs
  • Some of the more complex 4D-sceneries require a dedicated AMD or NVIDIA GPU
  • Availabe via the AppleAppStore

The aerofly5 is a simulator for radio controlled /RC) aircraft for Windows and Mac operating systems. The latest public version is (Windows) and (Mac). It has an inbuild muliplayer and two-player feature which allows the user to fly together with oder pilots via the internet, local network or together on one computer.


Two large updates (free) pushed its version from 5 to 5.5 and finally 5.7. Both updates adding more than 30 new models and several new sceneries each.
The aerofly was superseded by the Aerofly RC 7


Please visit for a full list of system requirements!


  • Homepage (Support, Updates, …)
  • Full feature list (incl. aircraft list and scenery list)

User Created Content

Freeware Aircraft add ons (user aircraft)

Aircraft nameTypePublisherDevelopersDate of release
Download link
AeroflyGlider ElectricIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach), Hans Wonner and Jan-Hendrik Hanuschik2011-01-08
AirfishGliderIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach) and Hans Wonner2011-01-28
Airfish (Cox-Tee-Dee)Glider with small motor for 30sIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach), Hans Wonner and Jan-Hendrik Hanuschik2011-02-05
Ariane5F5DIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach) and Peter Feldmeyer2011-03-16
ASH 31 MiGlider TrueScale and Scale aerofly-sim.deJan-Hendrik Hanuschik2011-05-23 and
BergfalkeGliderIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach) and Hans Wonner2011-01-08
BlimpBlimpIPACS ForumArthur Schönknecht2010-12-23
IntegralF3AIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach)2011-09-12
Kranich IIGliderIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach) and Hans Wonner2011-04-25
Dornier Delphin IIFloat planeIPACS ForumArthur Schönknecht2012-12-12
Dornier Do-XFloat planeIPACS ForumArthur Schönknecht and Hans Wonner2012-04-11 and
Elektra HWCanard ElectricIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach) and Hans Wonner2011-01-08
Erwa 8Flying wing, ElectricIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach) and Hans Wonner2011-01-29
Erwa 8Flying wingIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach) and Hans Wonner2011-02-05
Focke Wulf 190 A4FighterIPACS ForumDaniel S. (DreagonFW190)2011-11-05
Focke Wulf 190 A8FighterIPACS ForumDaniel S. (DreagonFW190)2011-11-05
Focke Wulf 190 C V13FighterIPACS ForumDaniel S. (DreagonFW190)2013-07-18
Focke Wulf 190 C V18FighterIPACS ForumDaniel S. (DreagonFW190)2013-07-18
Focke Wulf 190 D12 R14FighterIPACS ForumDaniel S. (DreagonFW190)2011-12-22
Focke Wulf 190 D9FighterIPACS ForumDaniel S. (DreagonFW190)2013-07-18
TA 152 CFighterIPACS ForumDaniel S. (DreagonFW190)2013-01-30
Grumman G-44 WidgeonFloat planeIPACS ForumArthur Schönknecht and Maximilian Koppenwallner (Maxkop)2010-12-23
Hawker Hunter F58AJetIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach) and Hans Wonner2012-01-28
HB-21Glider with engineIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach), Hans Wonner and Andi Brönner (algenbrot)2012-01-28
ImpressivoDelta wingIPACS ForumAndi Brönner (algenbrot)2011-01-23
Las VegasFlying WingIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach) and Hans Wonner2011-08-27
Micro WingFlying wingIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach) and Hans Wonner2010-12-20
MosquitoGlider ElectricIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach) and Hans Wonner2011-01-08 and
Multiplex FoxGlider (tiny) / Slow flyerIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach) and Hans Wonner2010-12-20
Multiplex LS3GliderIPACS ForumKarl Heinz Roeder (rodeo)2011-03-14
Multiplex TwinstarFloat plane and TrainerIPACS ForumArthur Schönknecht, Jan-Hendrik Hanuschik and Hans Wonner2013-03-28Mono Float
Dual Float
Multiplex Twinstar IITrainerIPACS ForumArthur Schönknecht and Dietmar Kühn (LEGO)2013-06-09
Multiplex Twinstar IIFloat planeIPACS ForumArthur Schönknecht, Jan-Hendrik Hanuschik and Hans Wonner2013-03-21
PT-17 KaydetBiplaneIPACS ForumMartin Nolte (Martin aus HB)2011-02-13
PT-300 towFantasy, tow planeIPACS ForumKarl Heinz Roeder (rodeo)2011-02-01
PT-40 FalconFantasy TrainerIPACS ForumMartin Nolte (Martin aus HB)2011-01-17
RaketenwurmF5BIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach) and Peter Feldmeyer2011-02-12
RedaqFloat planeIPACS ForumArthur Schönknecht2013-04-08
Redaq 2Float planeIPACS ForumArthur Schönknecht and Hans Wonner2013-10-29
Robbe CharterTrainerIPACS ForumArthur Schönknecht and Hans Wonner2010-12-16
RT Super SiriusF3P Shock flyerIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach) and Hans Wonner2011-09-12
Shocky Yak 55m4DShock flyerIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach)2011-01-21
SpeedwingFlying wingIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach)2013-02-02
Stagger DuckFloat planeIPACS ForumArthur Schönknecht2013-03-30
Stobel V2F3K Discus Launch Glider (DLG) aerofly-sim.deJan-Hendrik Hanuschik2011-11-12
WeiheGlider Old-timerIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach) and Hans Wonner2012-04-14
WiiCopterQuadCopterIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach) and Jan-Hendrik Hanuschik2013-01-12

Freeware Aircraft Modifications

Name of modificationModified
ModificationPublisherDevelopersDate of release
Download link
Airbus A320 (Reverse-Thrust)a320Adds reverse thrustIPACS Forum and aerofly-sim.deJan-Hendrik Hanuschik 2011-03-09
Airbus A320 (Sound Mod)a320Adds turbo fan soundIPACS ForumMike (Puzom) 2012-02-29
Airwolf (FlyBarLess)airwolfFly bar lessIPACS ForumTimo 2011-01-23
Alpina 5001 (dynamic)alpina5001FasterIPACS Forum and aerofly-sim.deJan-Hendrik Hanuschik 2011-03-09
Beaver (Autopilot)beaverFully automated glider towingIPACS Forum and aerofly-sim.deJan-Hendrik Hanuschik 2012-05-09
Cap 232cap2323D flightIPACS ForumGeorg (Georgx) 2012-07-15
Cularis (Sports Version)cularisIncreases power, realistic flight characteristicsIPACS ForumMartin Nolte (Martin aus HB) 2012-11-10
Afterburner Modf16, mig29, me163Optical afterburnerIPACS ForumSven (Nordland) 2012-03-16
Mig-29 Sound Modmig29Realistic jet noiseIPACS ForumMike (Puzom) 2012-02-29
RT Super Sirius PropWash fixrtsupersirusChanges torque roll behaviourIPACS ForumJan-Hendrik Hanuschik 2011-09-27
Spark (RealFeel)sparkRealistic flight characteristicsIPACS Forum and aerofly-sim.deJan-Hendrik Hanuschik 2012-06-10
Su-29 (Smoke)su29Adds smokeIPACS ForumJannis 2011-11-29
Wilga (Autopilot)wilgaFully automated glider towingIPACS Forum and aerofly-sim.deJan-Hendrik Hanuschik 2012-05-09

Freeware Aircraft Repaints

Repainted aircraftPublisherDevelopersDate of release
Download link
adrenalineIPACS ForumJean-Pierre Aria2014-01-02
bladexlIPACS ForumBarefoot2011-08-27
as-blimpIPACS ForumArthur Schönknecht2010-12-31
cap232IPACS ForumJean-Pierre Aria2013-12-23
cap232IPACS ForumJean-Pierre Aria2013-12-21
df45IPACS ForumMike (Puzom)2011-01-27
ec135IPACS ForumSven (Nordland)2011-01-31
extra260 and extra330sIPACS ForumBarefoot2012-03-18
extra330sIPACS ForumBarefoot2011-10-20
extra330sIPACS ForumJonas (Yak54)2011-07-03
futuraIPACS ForumMike (Puzom)2011-01-28
hawkIPACS ForumSven (Nordland)2010-12-31
hawkIPACS ForumSven (Nordland)2011-06-06
hawkIPACS ForumBarefoot2011-10-16
hawkIPACS ForumBarefoot2011-10-31
katanaIPACS ForumBarefoot2012-01-31
katana aerofly-sim.deBarefoot2011-11-22
mig29IPACS ForumSven (Nordland)2011-01-01 and
mirage2000IPACS ForumSven (Nordland)2011-01-01
obsessionIPACS ForumJean-Pierre Aria2013-12-26
su29IPACS ForumMike (Puzom)2011-05-30
trex600e and md500eIPACS ForumBarefoot2012-04-02
trex600eIPACS ForumBarefoot2011-08-03
trex600eIPACS ForumBarefoot2012-08-04
trex700eIPACS ForumMike (Puzom)2011-06-25
yak54IPACS ForumMike (Puzom)2011-06-25
yak55IPACS ForumBarefoot2011-09-18
yak55IPACS ForumBarefoot2012-03-04
yak-55IPACS ForumPatrick S.2011-02-22
NamePublisherDevelopersDate of release (YYYY-MM-DD)Download link
Heli blade blurIPACS ForumMike (Puzom)2011-06-15

Freeware RC-Control Repaints

RC TransmitterPublisherDeveloperDate of release (YYYY-MM-DD)Download link
Hitec Aurora 9IPACS ForumSven (Nordland)2012-02-05
Futaba FF10IPACS ForumSven (Nordland)2011-02-01
Futaba FX20IPACS ForumSven (Nordland)2011-02-04
Futaba FX20IPACS ForumSven (Nordland)2011-02-04
Futaba T8FGIPACS ForumSven (Nordland)2011-02-04
Graupner MC20IPACS ForumJean-Pierre ARIA (jparia)2013-12-03
Graupner MX16sIPACS ForumSven (Nordland)2011-02-04
Graupner MX22IPACS ForumSven (Nordland)2011-02-01
Multiplex Cockpit SXIPACS ForumSven (Nordland)2011-02-02
Multiplex MC3030IPACS ForumSven (Nordland)2011-02-01
Multiplex MC4000IPACS ForumSven (Nordland)2011-01-31
Multiplex RoyalIPACS ForumNiko Fräulin (bamlach)2011-01-31
Spektrum DX6IPACS ForumSven (Nordland)2011-01-31
Spektrum DX7IPACS ForumSven (Nordland)2011-02-02
Spektrum DX8IPACS ForumSven (Nordland)2011-02-02

Freeware LoadingScreen Replacements

  • 3 aircrafts in a triangle:

Freeware Scenery AddOns (UserScenery)

Name of sceneryTypePublisherDevelopersDate of release
Download link
BauernwaldwegFieldPaulDuerr.infoPaul Duerr
BargteheideIndoorIPACS ForumHarald Bendschneider and Jonas Schnell2013-01-06
EuromeetingSlopeIPACS ForumKarl Heinz Roeder (rodeo)2010-12-24
HochburgCastlePaulDuerr.infoPaul Duerr2013-12-25
HoppingenSlopeIPACS ForumJohannes Murrhardt (beginflyer)2011-06-25
HörnlewegFieldPaulDuerr.infoPaul Duerr
KatzensteinwegSlopePaulDuerr.infoPaul Duerr
SchönenbuchenStreetPaulDuerr.infoPaul Duerr
BauernwaldwegFieldPaulDuerr.infoPaul Duerr
MarbareggMultiPano Slope and Field
Requires MFV-Marbach and Oberegg
Modellflugverein MarbachRobert Deutschmann2010-12-30
MFV-MarbachFieldIPACS Forum and
Modellflugverein Marbach
Robert Deutschmann2010-12-23
ObereggSlopeIPACS Forum and
Modellflugverein Marbach
Robert Deutschmann2010-12-30
MSG-Virngrund e.V.FieldPaulDuerr.infoPaul Duerr2013-12-22
Peninsula HalfmoonbayCoastSzenerien.de
Am SchlossgrabenField, River, CastleSzenerien.dePaul Duerr, Dan. Brawand
St. Blasien / DomTownPaulDuerr.infoPaul Duerr2013-11-00
St. Peter (Platte)FieldIPACS ForumPaul Duerr2012-10-03
SteinbergField and RoadIPACS ForumPaul Duerr2012-06-10
WagensteigtalWinter FieldPaulDuerr.infoPaul Duerr2014-01-10

(Known) Freeware Scenery Modifications

Aerofly 5 Mac Download

Name of the modificationWhat it doesPublisherDeveloperDate of release
Download link
4D water wave replacement modReplaces wave texturesIPACS ForumSven (Nordland)2011-05-25
Aerobatic F3A-GridAdds grid to Augsburg, Neuburg and Desert aerofly-sim.deJan-Hendrik Hanuschik2011-12-24
Desert texture modReplaces ground texturesIPACS ForumSven (Nordland)2011-11-02